How to pumpout your boat’s holding tank

Steps for safely pumping out and a how-to video

Make your pumpout experience a positive one: get a free adapter and follow the below instructions or watch the video…or both!

Get a free pumpout adapter

  • Ask your marina if it has adapters for tenants.
  • Email or call Washington Sea Grant boater outreach specialist Aaron Barnett at 206.616.8929.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Wear gloves.
  • Thread the adapter into the vessel’s waste deck fitting.
  • Remove the rubber tip from the pumpout nozzle assembly (some nozzles won’t let you remove the rubber tip).
  • Clamp the nozzle assembly onto the adapter.
  • Open the valve and turn the pump on.
  • When the sight tube is clear, turn off the pump and remove the nozzle.

Watch the how-to video