Help keep Washington’s waters clean for recreation, shellfish and wildlife.

Use one of the state’s 150 free or low-cost stations to pump out your boat’s sewage.


Learn about the No Discharge Zone!


Pump out, Don’t Dump out!

Puget Sound is now a No Discharge Zone where sewage from vessels cannot go into water.  Learn more.

Find a Pumpout Near You with the New Pumpout Nav app!

Pumpout Nav is a free interactive iOS and Android mobile app to help you empty the head and keep our waters healthy. Download the app today to find your nearest sewage pumpout or portable toilet waste stations on the app map!

Watch our video for new boat owners!


New to boating? Learn why we use pumpout stations here. Watch an instructional videos here.

Handbook for Reducing
Water Pollution Available


Pollution Prevention for Washington State Marinas, a 72-page, full-color interactive handbook, provides a comprehensive guide for marina managers to reduce water pollution from their facilities.

 Get a free pumpout adapter

  • Ask your marina if it has adapters for its tenants.
  • Email