Where to Pumpout

Locations and details on boater pumpout stations in Washington. Provided by Sport Fish Restoration Trust, Washington State Parks and Washington Sea Grant.

Independent Mobile Pumpout Services

This information is provided as a public service and does not constitute an endorsement by Washington Sea Grant, or the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission for any of the services listed herein.

Pelican Pump
Olympia and Budd Inlet

Phone: 360.402.8231
Serves Olympia and Budd Inlet

Pump Me Out


Phone: 877.786.7631
Serves Seattle

Rose Head Service – Everett

Phone: 425.501.5242
Serves Everett

Seattle Sanitation Services


Phone: 206.713.6436
Serves Seattle area and beyond.


S.S. Head


Phone: 206.228.9991
Serves Lake Union and Ship Canal

Terry and Sons


Phone:  206.437.6764
Serves Lake Washington and Portage Bay